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are you bored? well read this and you'll be ten times more bored..!! :) enjoy

Senior Ball...and other stuff I guess
Saturday, 5/31/03 - 2:24 pm
Well I woke up about an hour ago..and it's like 11:20am right now. today, i'm taking my brother and his girlfriend and peoples to their senior ball. but i decided that i might as well take pics since i have the chance and i was supposed to graduate 03 so i would know a lot of the kiDds..so yea..i'm a tomboy and it's like a few times in a lifetime chance to see ME in a dress. so yea..later on i gotta buy some disposable cameras..gonna get my cousin to curl my hair and pluck my eyebrows for the SECOND time ever. yea..that shit hurts like a mofo. uM yea..*sigh* i hope today turns out okay..so after pics, we're going to go to berkeley to go dinner..but i heard that these folks that i don't like got reservations for that restaurant too..which kinda sucks..but if they wanna start shit with me..i'll fucking take them in my dress. erM whatever..and then after dinner, ima drive to the city [frisko aka san francisco for you out of state-ers] and drop them off at the hyatt for their little dance and then i'm going to take my cousin and her little friend [soph and frosh] to the metreon [really big electronics place: computer, free video games & movies] and watch some movies..damn i got hella bank on me right now..but i think by the end of tonight i'm going to be out..so after the dance [which is probably going to be like 1am] if they decide to go do something after, i'm going to drop my cousin and her little friend off at home cuz i don't want them around that shit cuz my cousin doesn't like it. so yah. anyways i think this is about it. i know it wasn't anything interesting..but yea =)

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Thursday, 5/15/03 - 4:52 am
today..was interesting..not really. just hella pissed at this one foo. but i ain`t gonna be a bitch about it..so ima just squash that shit, but let him know that we`ll never ever be coo like we was.

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